Monday, April 10, 2017

Couldn't Be More Proud...

This girl:
This girl had an awesome weekend dancing at NYCDA. She and I drove to Greenville, NC Friday afternoon, and we spent the weekend dancing. Well...she danced and I beamed.

I love this little group of dance friends and their fabulous dance teachers:
They are so supportive of each other. No matter what happened on the floor, as soon as they came off there were hugs and high fives. When one of them broke to the finals of scholarships, there was much rejoicing from all of them. I love that.

And my girl, well, she has grown. I loved watching her dance--and even more I loved watching her love dancing. She is so strong, and she has grown so much as a dancer.

And I so want to hold tight to this weekend. I have never seen a more kind, thoughtful, gracious kid. Every time I turned around Issa was thanking me--for driving, for dinner, for watching. I got good hugs and sweet smiles. I sure do love dancing behind and beside this girl.

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