Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Finding My Sanity

I'm slowly starting to find my groove and my sanity. The end of August is usually a little bit of a tricky transition--especially the week before school starts!

Unfortunately, my planning week and boot camp always aligns, but that's not too bad. It's the week after. My freshmen arrive, and my classes start, but theses two:
Well...they hang out with me in the office for the week. Fortunately, they love it! They make a blanket fort of my conference table and have a high time under there. And there is a part of me that loves hearing their giggles in the office.

But it's also very hard. I feel pulled in two directions. Trying to be 100% mom and 100% Dr. B. and that math just doesn't work out.

This week, though, I drop them both off at school and come in to a very quiet office. I usually have about an hour before the rest of campus wakes up and wanders in. I get a lot accomplished. I don't feel pulled.

When I leave the office, I've done enough that I can be fully present for my family. I can do the errands and the cooking and the cleaning and the homework without also trying to prep courses or write reports at the same time.

There is always more to do both places, and I'm on my phone answering emails a lot. But we are finding our rhythm, and I'm feeling more sane. I'll take it.

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