Monday, August 21, 2017

Fun Family Weekend

We had such a fun weekend! For the very first time, Grandma Judy and Aunt Carol came down to visit! Aunt Shannon joined the fun, and we truly had a fabulous weekend!

They arrived Friday, but we just stopped in for a glass of wine after Issa's boot camp performace. The real fun started Saturday!

We decided to celebrate Issa's birthday with them this weekend, and for the first time she and Shannon went shopping together for her birthday clothes. Saturday morning, we girls all set off for the mall:
 The youngins headed off their own direction while Carol and I did some shopping of our own!

Judy and Mom joined us mid-morning for a little shopping before all we girls met up for lunch:
 Issa and Shannon shopped well into the afternoon. We returned home just long enough for Issa to give us a birthday fashion show, although those pictures will have to wait as to not ruin the first day of school reveal.

We attempted dinner at the Nickel, but even at five we couldn't get in, so barbeque it was:
 We went back to Nana's for birthday cupcakes:
 And discovered Nana doesn't own a lighter. Thank goodness for gas stoves:

 Sometimes I worry she'll never come out of her shell:
 Sunday, everyone came to our house for coffee:
And we finally made it to the Nickel for lunch!

All in all, it was a weekend of great food, laughter, and memories. Judy brought some old letters and one of Granddad's college papers. It truly was lovely to just have the time, and I loved having them see our home--even our crazy. There really is no greater gift.

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