Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Our Cinderella

Right before Nana Camp, Issa spent two weeks at the studio in Production Camp. In two short weeks, this group of girls and two teachers created sets, sewed costumes, assembled props, and choreographed Cinderella, and our dancer was Cinderella! We all went to see the show, and I was so, so proud of the whole group. 

Issa was most nervous to open the show alone on stage, but she shined (zoom in on the pics):
Two of her very good friends were the step-sisters, and I loved watching the three of them interact on stage:
 This was her proudest moment:
 All of the magic happened on stage, which meant her dress transformed. They worked and worked to get it done before the music ran out, and they did it when it counted most!

I also loved the scene when she entered the ball:
 And her dancing the pas de deux with Mrs. Lauren A., her solo teacher:
 The curtain call:
I was so, so proud of Issa. She has had a block about learning a lot of choreography quickly, and she got over it! She also let go a little bit and had fun on stage--and her face showed it!

Now we are in boot camp and starting a new competition year, and I can't wait to watch her keep growing!

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