Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This Guy

I took this picture right after I finished fussing at him for lifting those shelves into place by himself:
The truth is, though, I was awfully glad to see him up on that ladder reorganizing his garage and building a bench for Issa's dance production.

It's been a bumpy summer. In June, Brad started feeling not so hot. It started with fatigue and then anemia, which was enough to send us to the doctor. Long story short: two weeks ago we got the official diagnosis of Celiac's.

We've been learning how to do the whole gluten-free thing. Thank goodness for Pinterest for the recipe wins. I'm learning which brands are safe and where gluten hides--like everywhere. We also got a deep freeze to make meal prepping easier and to hold some gluten-free go-to meals for when we are up against the clock. There have been some hard moments, but we're finding our rhythm.

And this guy...well...I can't believe the difference. And I'm just so very glad he is on the mend...

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