Monday, October 23, 2017

Such a Fun Weekend

This was another weekend for the books!

Brad was in the mountains doing a hiking meditation with some of his dojo friends having a fabulous time! Meanwhile, the kids and I packed our weekend with all kinds of fun.

Issa had dance Saturday morning, and Evan headed to the dojo to coach Mighty Dragons. I was so proud I thought I would burst:
 While many of the coaches watched the littles warm up, Evan jumped in there with them. Sometimes the kid drives me crazy, but then he has these moments that are beyond redeeming.

We picked Issa up from dance and Nana up at her house and then we headed to a Cailidh here in Hillsborough! It was a Scotish music festival at a historic home built by someone from Scotland. I'm sad to say that I've lived here for 12 years and never ventured to Ayr Mount until this weekend. It is gorgeous:
 See...punk moment. Evan was not into pictures. The Poet's Walk on the property is absolutely gorgeous down by the river:
 And it was such fun to walk while we listened to the fiddles and pipes.

Before our walk, we had fish and chips on the lawn and listened to a fabulous duo on guitar and flute. The floutist also sang, and she would tell the story before each song.

I think the highlight for the kids, though, was Nessie:

 She was made of a tube and floated on the pond as we listened to bagpipes.

Saturday night, Issa, Nana, and I went to see Little Mermaid:
 It truly was magical! The way they did the costumes so the mermaids and fish swam was amazing. I was not prepared to be impressed, but I truly was.

Sunday, the kids and I decided we needed a pajama day to recover from all the fun. We were very productive: cleaning, grading, doing homework. We just did it all in our pjs.

Sometime mid-afternoon, I heard whispers that can only mean trouble. I came out of the kitchen to see this:
It seems Evan shot his little rubber chicken and got it stuck on the ledge. Nothing a little PVC pipe and a bungee cord couldn't handle. Why they had PVC pipe and bungee cord upstairs is a quandry, but that was just not a question I was willing to ask.

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