Friday, October 6, 2017

Bit of a Week

I've been wanting to blog all week, but life has just been a bit much. Nothing bad--just busy. 

Last weekend, Issa got to take a Master Class with a hip hop instructor from NYCDA:
 Hip Hop is definitely still not her favorite, but she is liking it more and loved the class!

Thankfully, one of the other dance moms volunteered to take her home from the class and keep her for the night! We pawned Evan off on one of his friend's families, and Brad, Mom, and I went to see Circus 1903! We had a fabulous Cuban meal before hand, and the show was a lot of fun!

The kids came home Sunday morning to discover we had been Booed! You know it's a good bag when Evan asks to take a picture with his new cup:
 We also decorated for Halloween Sunday. I've very amused by our haunted ship:
 And Mother Nature helped us out with this authentic decor on our back door:
We loved watching him work until the wind blew the web down.

The rest of the week was kind of a blur, though! Read-a-Thon is basically over, and it ate up a lot of my time this week. I'll pick up the teacher surveys early next week and then write the final report.

Wednesday night, Brad and I went to the Optomist Club executive committee dinner. Our chair won a four course tasting dinner at the Angus Barn at a charity auction, and he used it for this event. It truly was amazing. We were down in the wine cellar, which we got to tour. They have been on Wine Spectator's list continuously since 1986, which is a huge deal. The meal was amazing, as were the wine pairings, and it was a lovely evening celebrating the fact that the event raised $38,000 for charity--$10,000 more than last year! Somehow, Brad and I left as the new webmaster and secretary.

I've been on fall break the past two days, but I've spent it Read-a-Thoning and deep cleaning the house.

Thankfully, we have a pretty quiet weekend. Issa has three days of dance, but they are not long days, and I have a mound of grading. Brad and I Evan are creating a training space in the garage. It will be busy, but it will also be lovely to just enjoy some fall weather and rest a bit before what I truly hope is a much quieter week!

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