Thursday, November 9, 2017

Best Aunt Ever

My sister, well, I want to be her when I grow up. She works a crazy job, travels all the time, and yet never, ever forgets my kids and their traditions. From Issa's very first winter, she has given my kiddos their winter coats--largely because these Southern coats won't cut it for Ohio Christmas. Before I can even begin thinking about coats (because I won't think of coats until I see 30 degrees in the forecast), I get a text asking for sizes. 

Since she is traveling for Thanksgiving this year, the coats arrived in the mail. And because Aunt Shannon is trulyt magic, they arrived the day before the first really cold morning of the year. 

Issa nearly slept in hers she was so excited:
 I can almost deal with how grown up she looks--almost. Aunt Shannon also sends all the winter accessories, and Issa gushed over the hat. In fact, she is wearing it all day for hat day today.

And Evan, well, he was very upset I made him leave the laundry room for a picture:
The eyes on that hat glow in the dark. I mean really? Could it be any more perfect?

They were so excited to be bundled this morning, warm and snug in one giant hug from Aunt Shannon.

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