Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween Happenings

 We had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year! For the first time in forever, we had no plans for the weekend and the kids had Monday off--it doesn't get much better. The weather was perfect, so we pitched the tent Friday for a little backyard camping:
 The kids spent three nights in the tent and most of the days. Brad and I loved sitting upstairs at night with the window open listening to laughter and watching flashlights swirl around the tent.

Sunday, we carved the pumpkins:
 But we also got a little unconventional. Issa wanted to melt crayons over hers, and I was afraid the prolonged heat of the hair dryer might turn the pumpkins to mush. Enter my creme brule torch:
 And Evan wanted his to look like a planetarium dome. Enter the drill:
 And then Brad got crazy and attached smaller pumpkins to his:
 The end results were pretty special:
 Monday, the kids decided to decorate pillow cases for trick-or-treat bags:

 And then we baked Halloween cupcakes:

 And then I texted Brad that I had lost my mind and it was all too much crafting.

Tuesday night, we had our annual street party pizza dinner prior to trick-or-treating:

It took two pictures to be able to see both of mine. I love how this crew just keeps expanding! The older ones just keep bringing their friends to us instead of leaving. Issa invited Ellie to come this year:

 They actually walked the neighborhood with Ellie's family, but I insisted on the sibling picture before they left:
 Harley Quinn and Deadshot had a great night!

Evan invited a friend to walk with him, and then he ended up at our house for hot cocoa and the great candy swap:
I loved passing out treats to about 400 kiddos, and I was so impressed by the sheer joy of the evening. All of the families were relaxed and polite and just enjoying the night. And with that, we said goodbye to Halloween 2017:

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