Monday, April 23, 2018

Another Season in the Books

Issa and I enjoyed the last competition of the season this weekend. It was our first time at Power of Dance, and I think it may be my very favorite competition. Their focus is helping dancers learn that they can use their gift to help their community, so every dance earned a donation for the charity of the studio's choice. The better the dance did, the more money it earned. To date, the competition has donated over $45,000 to various charities this season. I love it!

Before we get in to the weekend, I need to dedicated some space to this right here:
 I will be forever grateful for Mrs. Lauren and her role in Issa's life. She gets our girl, and she knows how and when to push and when to just love. And those smiles. They had a great warm-up, and then Issa brough it on stage. All that we ask is that she gets better every time she competes, and she got expenontially better this weekend:
While we are proud of her score and her over-all, we are most proud of the judge's award. She was given the Light award for her presence, extension, and energy. It is everything she has been working on this season, and it all came together this weekend. Lauren and I were both in tears when she came off stage. I can't wait to see where this dance journey takes us next.

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