Thursday, July 18, 2013

It Finally Happened

Well...when you are a hermit crab pet parent you know it is bound to happen. You are bound to get pinched.

Issa has been taking great care of hermit crabs for almost a year now, and last night it finally happened. She got pinched--hard.

I taught last night, and I always call when I'm leaving campus to let my crew know I am on my way. As Daddy and I were exchanging reports, I heard Issa shriek and then I heard the tears. There is no worse feeling than knowing your child in in pain, and I knew that cry, and not being able to get to her. Daddy sprang into action, and by the time I got home she was just a little teary and a lot mad at Tiny.

He didn't break the skin, but he did leave a nice mark. To Issa's credit, she very carefully put Tiny in time out in his little hut rather than throwing the little bugger after he pinched her. By this morning, they are friends again, although she did patiently warn him not to pinch as she picked him up.

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