Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miss Wizard

Last week at the library, Issa hit up the science section. Two of the books were filled with experiments, and since this is our two weeks of true summer break, she and I decided to work our way through them yesterday.
We did a whole series of experiments on density first:
 That is syrup, water, and oil layered in that class. The plastic dog sank; the duck floated. Various other objects stopped at various levels. It was super fun--and sticky--and slimy. We also played with eggs floating versus sinking in salt and plain water.

We played with static electricity next:
 After the hair raising, we used the static to pick up various substances: pepper, salt, sugar. It was super fun.

We then moved on to oobleck:
Every one's favorite weird liquid/solid. Issa was not at all sure about the stuff.

We now have seeds hanging out in a baggie on our window, and we played with some leaves. In short, we had a wonderful afternoon playing with science. We'll see what adventures we find for today before I go in to teach!

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