Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best Mom Ever

After we picked Evan up from school yesterday, we had to run to get some craft supplies to make Issa a Yertle the Turtle costume for Dr. Seuss day Thursday. My plan had been to have carrot soup and fresh bread for dinner. The bread was already in the machine, and I was feeling great about our plan.

On the way to the store, the kids decided it was too rainy and cold for carrot soup. I mentioned that the bread was already baking, and Issa informed me, "Lots of things go with bread, Mom."

True story. So, I decided we could look at the store for another option. Enter my kids' choice:
These have never entered our home. Ever. Until last night. Because they are little lawyers I tell you. Issa read the can and extolled its vegetable virtues. Evan mentioned that it would absolutely go with bread, and then Issa pulled the coup: "And it's letters. Evan is supposed to be practicing his letters for kindergarten. You want him ready for kindergarten, don't you?"

Well played, little ones. Well played.

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