Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Yertle

The past two days have been big ones for Issa. Yesterday, she was recognized for being a Terrific Kid:
 This month's character trait was good judgment, and she was thrilled to be recognized.

This morning, she went to school as Yertle the Turtle:
 She did most of the work herself! I only did the cutting that required a razor blade because, well, I like her fingers. A close up:
 The three hair spikes were critical. Evan was very proud of his Yertle:
She was so excited when she first got to school. She saw several kids dressed up, the school custodian had on the coolest Cat in the Hat costume I have ever seen, and all the teachers were dressed up. When we got to her room, though, she walked in and discovered she was the only one at that point. I saw the look, and asked what she wanted to do. Mind you, every kid smiled at her and said something kind, but we're teetering on that stage where what other people thinks matters. I reminded her she had regular clothes underneath and she could slip the costume off, but she decided she wanted to leave it on. Just as I was leaving, a good friend came in dressed as Cat in the Hat. Amen. Big smiles all around. I was proud of her for making her own decision, but I am also so glad she had a buddy.

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