Friday, March 21, 2014

To My Tree Frog

My sweet boy,

It occurred to me that I don't write to you often. I guess it's because I tend to write when I'm in the midst of figuring things out, and for the most part you and I figure things our pretty easily. Here's the trick about being a second time parent: it's a trick. You think you figure things out on the first go, but then I met you, and I realized you are your own little person who needs me to be a very different mommy. I'm learning. We're learning.

It's a good thing you are so super cute: 

You asked to take these selfies with me this week. You have also become known as Tree Frog by me because you have taken to jumping on me, wrapping your arms and legs around me, and hugging until I can barely breathe. That is kind of your gig. You live life a little larger than anyone I know--hugging the life out of everything. Sucking the marrow of life, I believe they call it.

You are also in the midst of redefining your lines. That is a kind way of saying you have dug in your heels about some really stupid stuff and might drive me bonkers. Last night you growled at me for thirty minutes because I wouldn't let you wear three sweatshirts to bed. Growled. Literally growled. It was funny for about five minutes as I sat downstairs and listened, then it got real old real quick. Just when I thought I might really lose it, you stopped, came to me, crawled into my lap, and apologized for "being a punk." Melt my heart.

Here's the deal buddy. You are so stubborn, and in some aspects of your life that will serve you so well. Here's the flip side: where do you think you get it from? Tree Frog, I will love you forever, and when I draw a line it's because I love you and there's no crossing it. When our lines overlap, I have a feeling you and I will have many late night growl sessions. But know I will always be there to hug afterwards.

You and I, we'll figure this thing out together. I will always be your mama; thanks for teaching me how to do it.

Love you forever and always,

Your Tree

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