Monday, March 31, 2014

Very Big Weekend in Many Small Ways

This was one of those crazy weekends where we did a lot and ended the weekend feeling good tired and peaceful. In short, it was ideal. 

Friday night, we went to Issa's solo lesson, which went amazingly well after a rough week the week before, the library, and then went to a local market to get fun fruits and cheeses for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. It was lovely. Gruyere and Asian pear on oat bread is heavenly. The evening was nothing extraordinary, but I love that we find such joy in the perfectly ordinary.

Saturday morning, we headed to Evan's baseball game (please forgive the horrible cell phone pics):
 It was too rainy to play outside, and Evan wanted to wear a sweater because his coach wears sweater vests. Like you do. We have decided team sports are just not likely his thing right now. He loves the elements of baseball--hitting, catching, throwing--but he's just not that in to actually playing a game. He spent much of his time in the outfield waving and playing with his glove. He did run after the ball if it came his way, though, so Daddy was happy. As soon as he turns five we plan to try a dojo, we're thinking it might be his thing.

He also got a couple of great hits off the tee:
 This sweet dad served as first base coach:
 Please notice the fact that he is really coaching Evan. That would be because my dear sweet boy ran to first after his first hit, and when the next kid made a hit he just went and sat down. Essentially, he figured out no one was keeping score and everyone was just running the bases and decided to go hang out with his friends on the bench. The rest of the game he did make it all the way around, though.

We were supposed to go to the farm after the game, but the rain ended up closing the farm, which gave us the day to get ready for our friends coming over. We had a great evening hanging out, and woke up Sunday morning to head to church and then PetSmart.

Evan's snail didn't make it, and he decided he was done with snails and ready for another frog. Great. To our great surprise, though, Issa decided she was ready for another hermit crab, too:
 When Tiny passed, she didn't want another, but she insisted on keeping the tank in her room. Yesterday, she was ready. Meet Squirmy:
We spent the rest of the day reorganizing Issa's room (pictures to come after we finish tonight), and then we had our first family Chopped competition. It was the kids' idea, and they chose hamburgers for the first challenge. Brad and I had a blast sharing the kitchen to make our creations, and the kids narrated and judged. It was truly so fun. It may become a Sunday tradition. Brad opted for an Asian fusion burger that was quite good and topped with a great Asian vegetable slaw. However, I won with my BBQ ranch burger. I put BBQ sauce, Worcester, and cheddar in the burger and topped it with shredded lettuce, cucumber, and bell pepper tossed in a thin ranch sauce. Delicious. The kids are plotting the next challenge. 

Here's to a good week to follow a great weekend!

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