Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Love This Man

I love this man.
I love that he bites his cheek a little bit when he sleeps sometimes. I think he's solving all of the world's problems in his dreams. He has the strongest shoulders and the greatest mind I have ever met. He solves all of our little problems, and I know he is leaving a legacy in his children and making the world a better place in a million small ways every day.

I love that he came home from ten days away and swept both kids up in his arms. After they were tucked in, he snuggled in with the new puppy. Making sure our poor damaged Neela knows what it means to be loved and safe. It's one of his specialties, making everyone around him feel loved and safe.

I love that when we celebrated Father's Day Sunday all he asked for was family time. He played sword fight with the foam swords the kids gave him and board games--even though he had just traveled 27 hours to come home to us and was beyond exhausted.

I love that when I started to come unhinged about the little stuff he took me in my arms and just laughed. He doesn't try to fix it, and by letting me have my moment he fixes it. No one else could put up with my craziness like he does.

I love that this weekend we will celebrate 12 years of marriage. It seems like yesterday that we were walking down the aisle and into our first apartment. Since then, it's been a blur of creating our home and raising a family and doing life together. It seems like yesterday, but I can't imagine a life without him because it's also felt like forever.

Yes, I love this man...

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  1. ...and I love that this woman still likes me even though I have no fancy anniversary plans booked this weekend. Just saying.