Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet Neela...

So...this happened this week:
 For a few months, Brad and I have been debating getting a puppy. We already had a small zoo, but Viv also turned ten this year. While she is doing well and still the world's best dog, she is also arthritic and ten. We've seen her start to slow down a bit, although now that I've said it we are going back to pretending we don't notice.

We did know we wanted Viv to train a puppy. She really is a phenomenal dog. We also know there is a window for that--before she gets too old to put up with puppy antics. Last week, we saw a flyer for a puppy that needed a good home in the local pet store. As it turns out, that puppy was already adopted by the time we called. So, we decided to just look at the shelter website Monday night. Tuesday night we were there to meet this sweet girl:
 The shelter called her Dolly, and she had been rescued with her mom and sister from a neglectful situation. She's a four month old chocolate lab mix, and she happens to have some skin issues from her neglect that will clear up with time and some antibiotics. Another family adopted the mother and sister, but at the last minute they decided they didn't want this pup because of her skin issue. In short, she was exactly the kind of pet we tend to fall for at the shelter.

By the time we left Tuesday, the kids had named her Neela and we were smitten. Wednesday morning, I took Viv back to see if they could be sisters, and it was love at first sight. Yesterday, we brought her home:
 She already knew sit, and she's picking up house training really well! Viv has stopped her jumping on us, too! Neela jumped near Issa, and Viv just  took a paw across her back and barked. That was the end of that. No more jumping. She is pretty timid from her neglect, but she's warming up quickly:
 As long as we are in the room she is one super happy dog. She has also already claimed green dog as the favorite toy:
The kitchen is her cave, and we put baby gates up to help train. Last night, I tucked her in and braced for the puppy whine. What I didn't realize is that this is now Viv's baby. She ran up to the bed and pounced on me until I came down and slept on the couch. Neela stayed in the kitchen, but I was near enough that she settled. Viv slept by the kitchen gate, and we all got a solid six hours of sleep.

The best part: Viv is playing again! She actually has played with toys and bounded around the yard. The motion seems to be helping her joints; she hasn't had to work nearly so hard to get up after she sleeps. They are both being spoiled rotten, and we're pretty sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Welcome to your forever home, Neela...

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  1. Oh Heather! This is wonderful!!! So happy you all found each other! Ended my day on a wonderful note! Thank you!