Friday, June 20, 2014

Officially a Ninja

Evan is now officially a ninja:
He earned his first belt yesterday by reciting the creed on his own.

Sensai Brian was amazing. He listened to Evan on his knees, eye to eye, with the most encouraging smile. When Evan finished, he tied the belt on him, explaining that the sensai always ties the belt on the student when he first receives it. He also explained that this was the most important, most difficult belt to earn. Most important because without it you could never earn another belt or call yourself a ninja. Most difficult because it takes true courage to step on the training mat in the beginning. He also explained that ancient ninja only ever received the white belt. That belt then got darker with time because of the accumulated dust from the training mat. That's why black belts are the final belts. Evan listened so intently, and he was so proud of his belt. And we're pretty proud of him.

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