Thursday, June 12, 2014

Random Fun in Between

 Between recital and graduation, we enjoyed a fun week with family. I think the pictures speak for themselves...

The Sunday after recital, we all hung out at the house just playing. There was basketball:
 And coloring:
 And more Legos than you can imagine:
 Uncle Jeff even went skateboarding:
 Kickball in the road:

 Jump roping:
 Science experiments:
 In short, every one enjoyed a little slice of our totally normal. It was lovely after the hustle and bustle of recital.

The rest of the week was spent doing much of the same with a few notable exceptions.

We celebrated Evan's birthday one more time with a monster truck cake:
 And more Legos:
 I am so glad Nana got to do this cake:
 El Toro loco is not for the faint of heart.

Since Evan graduated, he also got his very own library card!
 The lovely librarian made quite the fuss for him, and he was so proud:
 We also signed up for the summer reading program, and Issa went to the Lego program at the library while Evan showed Nana around:
We also took Nana and Papa to our farm, and Nana captured some pictures of the kids in their favorite place:

Collecting eggs with the chickens.

We ended the visit with a little more science, too:

In short, it was lovely.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some very, very big news!

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