Monday, June 16, 2014

Issa's Big Week

We officially have a third grader:
 Issa's last week of second grade was pretty fabulous. Monday, she danced her solo in the second grade talent show. Tuesday, she had field day. Thursday, she had an ice cream social and then got to go bowling with her teacher after school. Friday, she had the end of year award ceremony. She was recognized for participating in Junior Rangers and Math Showdown, but we are most proud of her Principal's Award:
This award is given to one girl and one boy at each grade level for academic excellence and outstanding character. They were declared super heroes for the school and given tickets to a UNC football game. I think Evan is most excited about that.

This has been a huge year for our girl, and she has grown so much. I have loved watching her become an independent learner, and I am so proud of the bravery and kindness she exudes every day. I have a feeling third grade is going to be just as fabulous. She really is my super hero.

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