Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Ninja

We have a ninja in training:
 For two weeks now, Evan has been in ninjutsu, and I have never seen him work so hard for something. His best friend, Parker, is also in the class:
 And Evan has really taken to the discipline of ninjutsu. Look at him in seza waiting for his sensei to collect his card before class:
We have been really impressed by his dojo. They emphasize respect inside and outside of the dojo, and they emphasize that the best ninjas don't have to fight. Evan loves learning the rolls, kicks, and punches, and he is working so hard to earn his first belt, a white one. All that he still needs to do is recite the dojo creed on his own:

I believe in myself.
I am confident.
I can accomplish my goals.

I believe in what I study.
I am disciplined.
I am ready to learn and advance.

I believe in my teachers. 
I show respect to all who help me progress.

It's a lot when you are five, but he's getting it! He asks every day if it's a Mighty Dragons (the name of his class) day. It's the most excited we've seen him get for something, so we'll see! We just might have a ninja on our hands.

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