Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Glimpse Into Another World

Finally, the last of the weekend round up...

Friday, we attended what just might go down as the best school event in history. All four of us agree, which should tell you something.

The Latino PTSA hosted a Latino Cultural Festival, and let me tell you, they did it right. For one evening, even though we were in the same gym, I truly felt like I was in a different world. They had created activities for the kids about actual Latino culture--not the Anglo version you typically see. They had Day of the Dead activities and Carnivale activities and activities I couldn't completely place. They had fabulous music, live dancers, and an authentic taco truck. The event followed their cultural norms--including a focus on people rather than time--and all of the activities were conducted in Spanish. It was awesome.

Kids I knew that typically speak English to me were running up, excited to share their culture, in a frenzy of language I didn't speak. At times I felt so lost and overwhelmed, but every time I realized this is what so many families feel like every day. And while that certainly wasn't their intention, it was a great experience for me. I stretched a little bit, and I learned.  And although I couldn't translate, I understood those kiddos.

The kids just had plain fun. Brad and I learned so much, and it was fun to watch the evening unfold. I feel like we all grew a little bit--hearts just a little bit bigger. New connections were made. It was good.

On a side note: It was also the first time Evan has ditched us for his friends at a school event. I will admit my stomach hit the floor when he ditched me to sit with Allison during the dance show; so it begins.

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