Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Drizzle

I had fall break at the end of last week, which basically meant I caught up on everything I was behind on. But, this weekend was fabulous. I think I will tell the tale backwards, though.

Yesterday, we went to church and then headed straight to the pumpkin patch. It had been our plan all along, but the weather was not ideal. It was chilly and a little misty, but the patch assured us everything was up and running. We asked the kids what they wanted to do, and they were too excited to wait. After a picnic in the van, we headed in, beginning with the annual pumpkin measuring pictures:

The patch really did have most of the activities under tents, and the kids couldn't wait to jump in the corn crib:

Playing in corn is the thing they look forward to the most:

They were also excited to milk the "cow:"

We were terribly amused that this is still exciting considering they have spent the summer milking real goats. And they were still excited to feed these goats:
We then headed out for the tractor ride, but this year we decided to get off and do the corn maze. I'm not going to lie: I was really concerned for a minute that we were not getting out. It was one too many twists for this mama, but we made it! We even brought home some corn to add to the fall decorations:
Once we rode the tractor back to the patch, we had way too much fun choosing pumpkins. They planted a weird pumpkin patch this year, which was filled with over 20 varieties of odd pumpkins. The field was a muddy mess, and I was too focused on staying upright to snap any pictures. So...the grand reveal will have to wait until carving day. Daddy is most proud of his; it looks like a brain. Need I say more?

So...although the weather was not ideal, it did make the leaves pop and the maze seem a little spooky. I would say that it was one more great day at the pumpkin patch.

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