Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello, Fall!

We celebrated fall in a big way around our house this weekend. Saturday morning, we all spent time at the farm. It was almost chilly when we got there, and this may be my favorite time of year at the farm. The colors are beautiful, and we get to enjoy a plentiful harvest and the kind of work where you can tell where we've been. Brad and I weeded the new spinach bed and then cleaned out the raspberry patch for fall. We were both tired and sore, but you could certainly tell where we had been! The kids harvested and played with all of the animals. In short, it was a fabulous morning.

Our original plan was to decorate that afternoon, but a festive, live bat had moved in to our bonus room right above the decorations. We opted to wait until he left to venture in there, which I would say is the better part of valor. Saturday night, though, we headed out into the backyard for some camping. And no camping trip would be complete without hot dogs over a fire:
 It was a little chilly, but we dressed for the occasion:
 And Daddy built us a lovely fire to keep our toes toasty:
 And s'mores melty:
 Daddy is the best s'mores builder on the planet:
With full tummies, we all snuggled into the tent. We had taken sleeping bags and blankets, and we all slept snuggled up and warm. We each woke up once to snuggle a little deeper from the chill, and Evan woke up at 6:45 and had to go potty. At that point, we realized it was cold. Daddy took him in, and then promptly texted me to say they were not coming back out and he was putting coffee and cocoa on. At that point, I decided to check the weather and discovered it was 39 degrees. That is the best part of camping in the backyard--easy access to warmth! While Daddy made a hearty breakfast, the kids and I decorated. All was right with the world.

I love fall. I love how it brings out the snuggles and fires and cocoa. I love seeing pumpkins around the house and colors in the trees. And I love that our little family was able to really soak it all in this weekend.

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