Thursday, October 2, 2014

Time to Make a Belt Display!

Yesterday was a big day at ninjitsu. To start, Evan received his intention stick:
 The stick above his head has his picture on it. There are longer sticks with each belt level leading all the way to black. By hanging it, Evan acknowledged his intention to work towards a black belt, and with each graduation he gets to move the stick closer.

And last night he also got to move it for the first time:
He is now officially a white with blue stripes belt--more conveniently known as a blueberry belt. He was so, so proud.

At the dojo, once you earn a yellow belt they embroider a black belt with your name and hang it on a belt display in the dojo. As you train, you can keep your eye on your black belt. Daddy has promised to build Evan a similar display for his room to hold his old belts. I promised to hang ribbons on it for each belt so he can track his progress and know what's next. He is really determined to become a black belt, and I am so grateful he has found something he loves so much.

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