Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Early Halloween Fun

We started celebrating Halloween in earnest this weekend! The fun started Saturday night with a friend's Halloween party. Guests had been encouraged to come in costume, and we decided to be a family of pirates:

 We had much fun at the bonfire, and then Saturday we headed to Boo at the Zoo. (The picture of Issa above was actually taken there. Saturday night was not a good picture taking window for her.)

When we got there, each child was given a treat bag, and there were fun games to play for Halloween prizes at the entrance. We also had a ghost scavenger hunt throughout the zoo. We spent the rest of the day visiting animals and looking for the ghost cut outs.

I would not mess with this pirate princess:
 I would take my chances with the pirate prince, though:
 He doesn't really do scary:
 The Kid Zone at the zoo had some cool photo ops set up:

 But truly, we had the most fun with the animals. The weather was fabulous, and the animals were out and about. We finally got to watch the otters play:
 And we went to the aviary for the first time:
 We had such fun finding all the beautiful birds tucked in among the foliage:
 But the lions stole the show:
 They had cubs!
 We spent a long time watching the four cubs play:
 While Mama was in the thick of the playing, Daddy took a nap in the sun:
 They were so fun to watch:
They found a joint left over from lunch and tussled over that, and then they played stalk and pounce. It was adorable.

Every time we go to this zoo we see something new, and yesterday was no exception! Today, we are enjoying a day at home. The kids had the day off, and I decided to take it, too. Daddy is working, but he is working from the couch so all is well with the world!

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