Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seeing the Goal

The dojo has a cool tradition when students earn their yellow belts. As soon as they tie that yellow belt on, they embroider your name on a black belt and hang it in the dojo. As you train, you can see your black belt.

Couple that with the idea that we really wanted to display Evan's old belts, and this was born:
Evan chose to mount the bar he and Daddy made on the side of his bed. I then made all of the belts he will need to progress through out of ribbon. As he earns them, we we will use the ribbon to tie his belt onto the bar. His white belt is already there, and he couldn't be more proud. I've watched him count those ribbons over and over, and his eyes are definitely focused towards that black belt. I'm sure it will be quite the journey.

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