Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Belly Laughs

Home life is feeling lovely right now. Brad came home Friday after two weeks away--two weeks that included teacher work days, snow days, and car troubles. That just shouldn't be allowed to happen. The good news is we all survived, and we now know that one raccoon can seriously jack up a car. Thank goodness for good insurance and a great body shop.

Last night was the first just regular night we have had in what seems like forever. I took Issa to dance, came home to make and eat a family dinner, and then the kids sat down to play Go Fish with Daddy until bed. It's those moments I love most. The moments where I stand at the kitchen sink and just see them being. Evan is quite the card shark, and I love watching his whole face light up when his plans fall into place. He also has this awesome belly laugh that's loud and half maniacal and always cracks us all up. It's that laugh that makes everything seem so perfectly right, and I love that it's the simple things that bring it out.

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