Tuesday, January 13, 2015

To Infinity and Beyond

Each year, Aunt Carolyn gives the kids Toys R Us gift cards for Christmas. It is a highly anticipated event. There is much decision making to be done, and this year was a tough one. If the kids pooled their money, they could get Disney Infinity, a game for the XBox that uses figurines of Disney characters to play all sorts of games. At the last minute, Evan decided to use the bulk of his on something else, though, which bummed Issa out big time. Enter the best daddy ever, who covered the little bit extra figuring he would play, too. 

Issa was instantly in love. Evan was devastated once he saw it because he couldn't play because he pulled out of the deal. He had to earn enough money to buy a figure before he could play so the contribution would be equal. Because we are not completely evil, we also gave him a whole list of extra chores to do last week so he could earn the money. Our garage is now spotless and our fireplace clean. Evan worked his tail off to buy the Hulk this weekend, and now they both can play:
Those chairs keep scooting closer, but here is what I love about this game. They are spending all of their time in the Toy Box section. They are building whole worlds and working together to accomplish goals. Issa is figuring out how many coins they need to build what they want and then figuring out how many fire hydrants need to be placed and smashed by Hulk to earn those coins. Evan happily smashes. It's creative and collaborative and yet they feel so grown up because they get to play a video game.

And this picture amuses me greatly because she is so her father's girl. When Brad plays a game, he always ends up standing, and now she is carrying on the tradition.

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