Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ice Day

Well...we have an ice day today. We got just a trace of freezing rain last night, but the roads are supposed to be a mess until noon, so we are all snuggled in here.

Someday, my children will understand that no school means sleeping in. We knew we had a delay last night, so I turned off their alarms and set mine for 7:30. We were doing so well this morning. I rolled over at 6:30 to realize both kids were sound asleep. Bliss. Then the school called at 7 to say they were cancelled. Both kids heard the phone, made the connection, and bounded out of bed. Boo.

By 9, we had made ice waffles (which are just blue waffles) and done all of today's homework and chores. They are now happily playing together while I clean the kitchen and tackle a few of my own chores. We will still have ninjutsu and dance tonight, but we are looking forward to some snuggles and down time the rest of the day. No school also means we can go to an earlier class for Evan so I'm not running all over creation tonight. It's a good deal. Now if I can just teach them the beauty of sleeping in...

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