Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Long Weekend Happenings

We had a lovely long weekend!

We started on Friday by celebrating Issa's birthday! Unfortunately, I took zero pictures. I think Daddy got some, but I'm not sure. As soon as the kids got off the bus, we gave Issa her gifts. Evan got her a Scooby Doo Lego set, which was a huge hit! He spent forever looking for one with Daphne in it because she is Issa's favorite character. Daddy and I gave her a new knitting basket and lessons at the local yarn shop. She was so excited about both, and she promptly sat down to start building. We ended our evening with a great dinner at P.F. Chang's and then pumpkin pie at home. I did score some surprise points with sparkler candles.

Saturday, Issa and I headed up town for our first knitting class! Issa knew the basic knit stitch, and I used to knit. That made us the class experts! I was shocked by how quickly it came back to me, and our teacher, Miss Marsha, is incredibly kind. Issa learned how to fix some small glitches she had been having, and she ended the class by asking me to get a matching basket for my knitting. We can't wait to go back in two weeks to learn how to pearl!

Sunday, Issa was invited to the ivivva store in Raleigh to try some of their new clothes:
She had a blast trying some of their new things, giving feedback, and modeling for them. When we got home, we also decided to kick off fall with a fire in our fire bowl and roasted hot dogs and s'mores. I love nothing more than a good camp fire, and Daddy built a fabulous one!

Monday, Evan had a play date with a friend and the rest of us did some yard work. Daddy mowed, Issa and I moved her glads to a much sunnier spot, and I did the fall pruning in the front yard.

It really was a great three day weekend filled with celebrating, relaxing, and just enough work to make it feel like we really accomplished something!

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