Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Knitting Kindness

For Issa's birthday, she and I took knitting lessons. We had given her a basket with the gift certificate for the lessons in it, and at the end of the first lesson, she asked me to get a matching one:
We finished our lessons, and I love sitting on the couch with her chatting and knitting. I love seeing our baskets sitting side by side.

At the end of our classes, our teacher invited us to join a knitting circle. It meets on Tuesday evenings at a local cafe, and I was a little nervous about going. These women are knitters. However, Marsha assured us we would be welcome--including Issa. So, last night we went. We arrived to see a woman showing off a stunning sweater she just finished. Another lady was working on a beautiful shawl with a lace edge. We are working on scarves. And aside from one woman who was in her late twenties, everyone else was talking about their grandkids.

We were warmly welcomed, though, and we settled in with our scarves. These master knitters oohed and aahed over Issa's scarf. When she hit a snag, all of them dropped what they were doing to help. It was absolutely lovely to just sit and knit, and I love that another little village welcomed us in. Issa can hardly wait to go back next week, and I think I have found another place that feeds a little corner of my soul. I'm trying to learn how to carve time out just to do things that bring me joy, and I think this will definitely help. Who knows, maybe I'll even eventually try a sweater.

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