Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ninja Buddies

Yesterday, Evan had another graduation at the dojo:
He is now officially a camo blue belt. This is his favorite picture:
He loves this picture because he's beside his "ninja buddy" Logan, the kiddo with the glasses. It has taken approximately forever, but Evan finally has a ninja buddy. Evan is not the kid who necessarily needs or wants a friend all the time. He has lots of them, but he isn't an extrovert, which I totally get. He is not going to walk up to someone and just introduce himself, but he does watch and will eventually approach kids he finds interesting. He finally did that a few weeks ago. Now. as soon as we walk into the dojo, he starts looking for Logan, and they are immediately into a conversation about who knows what. It also amuses me to no end that Evan always refers to him by the full title Ninja Buddy Logan. This kid just cracks me up.

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