Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Retail is Not For Me

I really try to help at the kids' school. When email requests for help go out, if at all possible I do something. This morning, though, I might have found my Achilles heel: retail.

This week is the book fair, and they asked for parent help. In the past, I have blissfully been assigned the job of helping children find just the perfect book. I often think this will be my retirement job. This morning, however, I was assigned a cash register. I am not good at it. All the scanning and the buttons that must be pushed in just the right order or bad things happen. And then the children with the ziplock bags of coins that must be counted and then sorted in the right little bins. And all of this must be done quickly because of the line. I. Just. Can't.

Except I have to tomorrow.

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