Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We are on the tale end of our accreditation visit, and all is going well and most importantly almost over. My only regret is that I didn't get to post a very important update yesterday. Check out the new sparkly:
A little over a week ago, Issa came down and announced she wanted her ears pierced. She had our permission years ago when she started Company, but she has been absolutely opposed. We had a long conversation about why and if she was sure, and the bottom line is she was very disappointed in the selection of clip earrings and really wanted to open whole new accessory worlds. Now also happens to be perfect timing because her ears have plenty of time to heal before the first time she needs to wear Company earrings.

So...on Saturday the whole family set off to Claire's. Originally, she wanted it to be a girl date, but as it got closer she realized she really wanted to hold Daddy's hand. We had talked about the pinch and the sound of the gun--just the way I remembered when I got mine done--and she was so sure she was ready. She never once faltered all week. She was nervous on the way in, but she was committed. The only hard part for her was picking out her starters--eight weeks is a long time to commit to an accessory. Ultimately, she chose these because "diamonds go with everything." If nothing else, I have succeeded as a mother for that alone.

She hopped up in the chair, and both Brad and I were so impressed with Claire's. These people know what they are doing. The sterilizing process made Brad quite happy, and I loved the way they talked with Issa about her responsibility. I also loved that when they were ready to start they told her they were going to do one and then the other immediately because you have to clean them within 30 seconds.

Here's the deal: Issa didn't even flinch. And that noise that I remember being the worst part--it's gone. They now have single use piercers that have no sound. And I realize I'm sounding like one of those old ladies that walked uphill to school both ways in year-round snow, but seriously this was no big.

Issa picked out some earrings for the first change--crystal snowflakes since it will be December--and an Eiffel Tower earring and jewelry organizer. It's about that point that Brad and I realized we are entering a whole new world with this one. (Side note: It did not help that we had watched Inside Out Friday night.) She spent a not insignificant amount of time organizing jewelry the rest of the afternoon. She also has her ear cleaning chart taped to the bathroom wall with a big red X on the day she can change them.

She is growing up, and I must admit I really love her new sparklies.

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