Friday, October 30, 2015

Only My Job...

Some days, I am so tired. Today is one of them. I really could have used about ten more hours of sleep. And a day in the house alone to do laundry and dishes and just tidy. It's a little scary around that place and it's not from Halloween decorations.

But...even when I'm exhausted from it, I just love my job. It's the hardest, most holy work. I've had two days this week where I have been home less than 10 hours before I'm on my way back. I'll be here all day Sunday. I'm struggling to not let my emotional tank run completely empty. But I can't imagine being any where else.

I spent last night in a room with 50 educators. Half of those were my students; the other half are veterans who are willing to serve as mentors for the next two years. I was so proud of how articulate and thoughtful my students were, and I love that the mentors were impressed and recognized that they are really cool people, too. It's good when you can laugh together.

This morning, I was able to go see a new school that has a lot of great things happening. I celebrated with them starting at 7:45 am. I saw itty bitties so excited to learn, and teachers who were bringing their best to them.

I am in the unique position to see the full circle of teaching every day. I see my students just venturing into the professing. I see K-12 students in schools with classroom teachers doing the hard work of teaching. I get to work with students from kindergarten to seniors in college. I see the whole pathway. And on really, really good days, I get an email or a visit from a former student who is now in the classroom. Full circle.

It's the full circle that leaves me both exhausted and energized. The hardest most holy work.

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