Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Family Dinners

I spend a lot of time--maybe too much time--thinking about my children's story books. Not the ones on our shelves. The ones they will replay in their minds and for their own children someday. The story of their childhoods. It's why traditions and celebrations are so important to me.

Last night, though, I was reminded of all of the pages that blend together into very important pages--like a page about family dinners. So far, we have been very lucky that we all sit down to dinner together. Sometimes we don't eat until 7:30 and the kids are already in pajamas, but we sit around a table and talk. Some days the conversation is heavy--friendships, giving back, questions without answers. Most nights, though, conversation is pretty ordinary. The best and worsts of the days. Funny things friends said. Plans for the weekend.

Last night, we all sat down around the table for pancakes. Nothing fancy. I know we were laughing, but I can't remember about what. And when I asked what the best part of everyone's day was, it was unanimously that moment. Eating dinner together.

Sometimes, it's good to be reminded that the ordinary is anything but ordinary. Maybe it's in those every day moments that the true magic of family happens, and that is definitely worth a page in the storybook.

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