Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

 Well...our Halloween basically broke every tradition we have, but it was fun in a completely new way.

The only thing I'm not completely over is that we did not carve pumpkins. We picked out pumpkins in the mountains, and they are beautifully sitting on the porch. The kids just had zero carving interest. Issa announced she likes the way they look whole, and I'm almost okay with it. Almost.

I also did not make the traditional pre-trick-or-treat potato soup. The neighborhood decided to do a group pizza party instead. I did manage to snap a few pictures on the way. Meet Maleficent:
 And an army ninja (also known as Mr. Griffen from the dojo):
 They were too excited to go to get a picture together, and frankly it took a threat of not going at all to get that one of Evan. And who can blame them:
 Look at all those cute kiddos:
I did manage to take one horrible picture of them together:
It made me very grateful for this one of the night the costumes arrived:
 Please note Evan's mask never made it out the front door.

We did have a lot of fun with the neighbors, and trick-or-treat never disappoints. I'm estimating I saw about 600 kiddos. The highlight of my evening, though, was watching the toddler puppy dance and giggle on my sidewalk over our light-up eyes in the bushes. It was awesome.

We did have the traditional post candy sort, hot cocoa, and Charlie Brown, so not all tradition was lost. And by all accounts it was another treat of a Halloween.

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