Tuesday, November 10, 2015


So...welcome home to me. Just as Issa and I were walking into school yesterday, she got sick. She spent the next two hours being violently ill, and the rest of the day nibbling and sleeping. She is home again today just because she has zero energy, so we will spend the day nibbling and sipping and I'm sure she will be well tomorrow. Unfortunately, I seem to be starting in with it this morning.

The beauty is, however, I have incredible students. Yesterday, we had committee meetings. I was frantically texting and emailing so they could continue without me, and my leadership team demonstrated that they really don't need me. They ran the meetings, sent me updates, and remembered a couple of things I forgot. They are awesome. Several texted throughout the day to check on Issa.

This morning, I emailed to cancel my class. I've already had to offers two bring me soup or come watch the kids. I've declined, but I mean really. How awesome is that?

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