Wednesday, November 4, 2015

There Is a Rat

So...Buddy appeared on Halloween morning riding a very pitiful furry rat--you know the kind you might see on clearance for about $1.

That rat is bringing raucous laughter to our home. Buddy clearly forgot that I don't like rats--like not at all. My children, however, remember. And once Buddy left and left the rat behind to add to the Halloween decor, the rat has been highly mobile. It showed up in my knitting basket and I want all the mom points in the world for only screaming and not saying the words that were running through my head. Evan's laughter at that moment: priceless. The rat has appeared next to breakfast plates, in the library basket, under my pillow, and is currently hiding in Evan's candy basket. I'm hoping he screams...or at least laughs hysterically again.

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