Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Easter!

I am slowly easing into reality. The kids had spring break last week, and for the first time I took it with them. This will now be tradition.

Spring Break started with Easter weekend. Although Aunt Shannon couldn't make it, she sent adorable Easter outfits:
 We actually wore them Saturday when we went to brunch.

Saturday afternoon, for the first time, Daddy participated in the egg decorating:
 I lost my mind and bought three kits: golden, marble, and neon. The results were beautiful, though:
 The kids left the bunny a snack:
 And he did not disappoint:
 For the first time, he hid different eggs for each child. Issa had sparkles and Evan had camo. All of the pictures of Evan hunting are a blur.

The highlight of the weekend was having Nana here, though. Friday morning, she and the kids were reading a Lego history book and discovered there was a Lego Ewok village. Next thing I know, it was being over-nighted to our house:

The kids had a blast building it with Nana. And as an aside, real glasses:
 They are just for reading, but Issa loves them!

We didn't quite finish before Nana had to leave on Monday, but the kids and I finished the village Tuesday:
 It is quite impressive!
I can honestly say this was the first Easter that we all stayed in our pjs all day--even Nana. We didn't do a traditional meal. Instead, we ate cheeses, fruit, bread, and asparagus. (I know the last one didn't fit but how do you say no when children are begging for roasted asparagus?) It was a perfect day of just being, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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