Monday, April 11, 2016


This weekend, Issa and I were at the NYCDA Dance Convention in Greenville, NC. These girls danced their little feet off:
 They danced 5.5 hours on Saturday and six hours on Sunday. Issa decided this was absolutely her favorite convention she has ever been to because she learned so very much! These teachers were truly teachers. They taught a lot of technique in addition to choreography. On the way home, Issa was sharing some of the things she learned that will make her a better dancer, and I can't wait to see her incorporate those things this week.

This was also the most fun convention for me. I remember back to Issa's very first convention where she would turn and look at me every ten minutes with a terrified look on her face. She didn't know which way was up. Over the years, she has looked at me less and she has caught on more. This was the first convention, though, where I felt like she got it! It was fun to watch her dance, and she had fun doing it.

She also had fun supporting her teammates who were competing and spending time with those who were not:
I love listening to her giggle with friends, and I hope they keep dancing through life together.

I also love having the one-on-one time with her. Even though I can't take another minute of Taylor Swift or Disney Channel--the favored down time activities--I loved listening to her talk and think. Long car rides invite opportunities for real conversation, and nights in the hotel room provide opportunities to chat and just watch her little mind work. I do my best to say a lot of yes all weekend and make the time all about her, and I hope that when she's older she will remember that and feel all the love I try to pour into these weekends. She will always be my favorite bun head.

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