Monday, April 25, 2016

On Calves and Kids

Saturday morning, the kids and I headed out to the farm. This time of year we struggle to get out there between dance and school schedules, but the stars aligned and we were able to do Saturday.

Spring is one of my favorite times on the farm. We arrived to see nine piglets, three calves, and two kids. There is nothing more adorable than baby animals. And...we've been working on the farm long enough that we were greeted with, "Great! You're here! The calves need bottles--all three at the same time. Thanks!"

We were too happy to oblige. We bottle fed the calves. These three are much stronger than our poor guy last year, so it was an easy feed. I love watching the kids take care of the livestock. I hope these are moments that they will remember.

Once everyone was fed, we started on the other spring work. Issa set off to harvest. Evan and I weeded a section of the hoop house and planted some edible flowers that the camp chef requested. We then turned our attention to creating two new beds from the ground up. We will plant tomatoes and pepper in them, but I loved the time with Evan. He tends to chat while he's pitchforking wheel barrows of compost. I love seeing the world through his eyes. The three of us also got to on a hike to find logs to edge the new beds. Spring in the woods is glorious.

We ended the day by harvesting for the camp kitchen with the camp chef. Issa was in all her glory chatting with him; she can hardly wait to be in his camp this summer!

I spent yesterday recovering because I way overdid it after the past few weeks of crazy. Exhaustion and sore muscles caught up with me. But, I wouldn't trade that morning for anything,

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