Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Most Adorable Dinner Date

Last night, Issa was invited to go to the UNC baseball game to meet the UNC student who has been her pen pal all year! Each student was allowed to bring one parent, and Issa decided she wanted a Daddy Date. That meant that Evan and I had a night on our own.

We went to the dojo, and then I told him I would take him out to dinner where ever he wanted to go. He chose Maggiano's, and I was so impressed by the staff. The manager who seated us picked up on the fact that we were on a bit of a mother/son date, and he let Evan take the lead, asking him if the table was okay. He also sent a waitress over and gave her the heads up, so she let Evan take the lead for the table. It was adorable.

And...he was the most adorable dinner date:
 We only took the camera out because he wanted to take a picture of his dessert:
Future foodie right there.

We had such a good time. He talked my ear off. We talked about school and his friends and what he wants to be when he grows up. He is so darn funny. I just love him to pieces.

About half way through dinner, he decided he and I should do this more often. Issa and I get lots of girl time, but Evan and I don't get enough one on one outings. I couldn't agree more, and I plan to make it a priority to get a little extra quality time with this little man who is growing up before my eyes.

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