Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This is why we have pets...

The kids have a half day today. By this point in the year, it's just a cruel trick. They both declared that it should just be a day off. In all fairness, they do get less than three hours of actual instructional time. They are over it. This means getting them out of the bed is a challenge.

I heard Issa's alarm going off, and when I walked in she had turned herself around so her feet were on her pillow. She announced she was not getting up. So I called in Neela.

Neela hopped up on her bed, and immediately went to lick Issa's face. The only problem was Neela was looking at feet where face should be. She started whimpering. I think she was convinced something terrible had happened to Issa over night. Issa heard her pitiful noises and threw the covers off! Neela's tail started wagging, she flopped over, and started giving Issa all kind of kisses--relieved to find her face. Issa cracked up, and we were off for a great day.

Sometimes, these critters drive me crazy. I get so tired of muddy paw prints and hair. We've had our share of pet heartbreak this year. But...those giggles. That love. They are worth everything.

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