Monday, May 16, 2016


 The past week has held all kinds of beautiful chaos. It is too much to contain in one post, so I think I will take this week to catch up. Much of the heart of the chaos is this guy:
 In all fairness, Buddy has been home less than a week and in many ways is a ridiculously easy puppy. At the risk of jinxing it, he is already house-broken. He sleeps through the night. He knows sit and is working on stay and shake. He has transitioned into our home way better than any one had any right to expect...even if he is an adventurer:
He and Neela are great friends:

 They took to each other right away, and although there have been a few territorial barks, this is the reality:

What I have loved most, though, is watching Buddy and Brad. Buddy is his dog, and I haven't seen Brad smile this big in a long time. And that is worth any puppy chewing that might make me crazy.

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