Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Still Swimming

Because it is May, a list:

1. This is our last five day week of school--hallelujah and amen.

2. I'm almost half way through teaching my three-week summer course. It's a great group, and I love the course. Boy am I tired.

3. Issa and I joined the rest of her team at the lake this weekend for an end of year celebration. There is nothing better than listening to little girls squeal and giggle. It was a great way to end the year.

4. Evan is in love with his dogs. His new favorite thing is feeding them, and he continues to do an amazing job with training. It melts my heart.

5. Issa had her last solo lesson for the year last night. I will never get tired of watching she and Mrs. Lauren P/A dance. It was her strongest lesson yet, and I can't wait for recital.

6. We are at that point in May where there is more checked off the list than not. It's looking good.

Summer, I see you...

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