Thursday, May 19, 2016

Evan Update

Somehow in the midst of the crazy, this sweet boy turned 7:
 That would be his French bulldog cake because: Evan.

He is growing up so fast. It's been amazing to watch him with Buddy. He has really owned the training piece of having a puppy, and we've been astounded by his patience and follow-through.

He is also still loving the dojo:
He is now one stripe away from his camo black belt and imagining all the fun things he will get to do in the youth program.

Within the past week, he has actually started just reading for fun--on his own--like actually reading the words. We are all pleasantly shocked.

I'm seeing less and less of the little boy and more and more of the big boy and man he will be. And I know it's going to be one fun ride...

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