Wednesday, June 15, 2016

And Another School Year is in the Books

Last Thursday was the last day of school, but the whole week was packed!

Monday, we had Evan's field day, where he was thrilled to be one of the flag bearers for his class:
 Evan's teacher has this field day thing down. The kids had fun, and they had a snack or drink between every game--the highlight being watermelon.

Tuesday, we had Issa's field day:
 Her teacher made sure the kids had a fabulous time! Wednesday, they ended their economics and nutrition unit with a restaurant. I think it may have been my very favorite class event to attend. The kids had turned their classroom into a Mexican restaurant that was decorated as a cave as a throw back to their field trip to the caverns. They made menus, but they were only serving the house special: cheese quesadillas with a side of fruit. It was adorable.

Thursday, we finished first and fourth grade:
It was a great year with incredible teachers. The kids grew so much, and I have almost come to grips that I now have a fifth grader--as in one more year of elementary school. I have to stop blinking; these kids are just growing up so fast.

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